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18th Birthday Festivities


About Me


Maybe this is where I should insert my resume and tell all the lies I've told about myself in the last two years. However, I am not a punctual person nor am I an avid volunteer. My name is Kimmie, I'm 17 and I am trying to be a blogger.

The creator of this blog is an awkward and lazy ass, who occasionally feels the need to dress up (hence the name A Dressed Up Bum). I am attracted to the cozy atmosphere of coffee shops and I have a penchant for hoarding quirky glass bottles. I am fueled by late night drives but have a fear of driving. 

In December of 2012, feeling inspired, I started this blog under the name, The Fashion Wallflower. After several posts and too many shameless promos, I decided to stop blogging. I found myself dreading writing the next post and it all felt like a chore. The blog became a challenge that lost its appeal. Eventually, I cared more about the number of followers I had and the comments on each post than the content of the blog. 

Two years later, with a new name and a completely different blog design, here we are. Inspired by my reckless friends and the beauty of photography, I am ready to redeem myself. A Dressed Up Bum is not purely a fashion blog. It is a mixture of my adventures, style and personal life. This is for me, so that I can document my growth and my thoughts. Perhaps, this brutally honest blog will be a shout into the void but I truly inspire others to enjoy the moment.