GEOTRIP 2015 | Day 5


Ahh Disneyland, the most magical place on Earth. I remember when I came here in Grade 4 and I wanted to work here. I still do. This place makes me feel so much joy and its a wonderful feeling that you can't really explain. I started the morning off with just one other friend because she was the only one that enjoyed roller coasters. We went over to California Adventure and got on a whole bunch of rides. I was so disappointed that numerous water rides were closed down, like Grizzly Bear Run and Splash Mountain. However, I still got to go on my two favourite ones, California Screaming and Tower of Terror. Later in the day, I met up with other people and we ate turkey legs. If anyone out there is reading this, you should probably share the leg with a friend or something because its huge. It is probably genetically modified or something because I don't think that size is normal. Then I got a coke float, which was heavenly, probably the best part of the trip so far, and we watched the fireworks. All in all, it was a solid day of Disneyland and I guess this place is so magical because we all want to live happily ever after. 


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