GEOTRIP 2015 | Day 4


THE AMAZING JOSHUA! We went to the Joshua Tree National Park and climbed the Ryan Mountain. I must admit I didn't finish this hike either but I definitely tried. My thighs were burning from the hikes from the last two days. But as we went up in elevation, it got really difficult to breathe especially because I had a stuffy nose. Also, it made my legs shake when I looked down. I'm actually not too sure if I even saw a Joshua Tree haha. After this we went to Deserts Hot Springs which is a commercial hot spring. I didn't swim so I went to the restaurant instead. Now I have nothing to say about this place because I didn't actually try any of the food since nothing arrived. I ordered a spa burger but it never came :/. After this stop, we got onto the bus and travelled to Anaheim. We also went to Outlets at Orange, which had a really Cali feel to it, with the palm trees and the lights and the abundance of girls in shorts and crop tops. I'm so looking forward to Disneyland tomorrow!!


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