GEOTRIP 2015 | Day 3


So here we are at day 3! Today was a bittersweet day because it marks the midpoint of the trip. We started the day of today by heading to the Red Rock Canyon. Unfortunately, it was to costly for us to physically visit it so we just drove past it at a leisurely pace. The rocks so majestic and funky, they have almost like these stripes on them that sets them apart from the rest. Afterwards, we stopped at the Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas for a lunch stop. I was sick to the bone on this day and I was just feeling nauseous. To make it worse, the handful of food at this place were all pretty oily and heavy. So my friends and I decided to eat at this place called Lotus Express, along with a majority of our group. Lemme just say that the washrooms there suffered quite a bit. Later on, we travelled to the Kelso Dunes. I've been to a sand dune before if you recall my Oregon Road Trip post, however this was so different because I actually got to walk on the sand. The sand was burning hot here, however, if you dig past the top layer, its instantly cooler. Like the other hike yesterday, I didn't finish this one either (I'm just gonna blame it on my sickness). Basically what happened was, 30 minutes into the hike, three other girls and I decided to take a break. This break ended up being more than 30 minutes long. We just dug holes and chilled out. At this time, the sand kept blowing into and past us and boy was it painful. Being keeners, one of my friends wanted to continue this hike even though most of our group was at the top by then. So we continued trekking forward. However, when we got to about half way, people started sliding down and we were like whatever lets turn around. Soon the people that came down past us proving that I am extremely unfit. Then we got back onto the bus and travelled to a different city and state. In tomorrow's post, Twenty-nine Palms!


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