GEOTRIP 2015 | Day 2


This post is a visual diarrhea, mostly because it was such a busy day. We started off the day fairly early and drove to Gold Strike Canyon. There may or may not be hot springs at the end but I have no idea because I never made it to the end. This was an extremely strenuous and technical hike with a lot of slippery smooth bouldering and little shade. It also didn't help that I hate heights in a natural sense. I can do drop rides and tall buildings but when there are no boundaries except yourself and several rocks at the bottom, I can't do it. My legs were shaking throughout the hike, I have no idea if it was because I was terrified or if I was just exhausted. The scenery there was beautiful though, the air was fresh and we encountered several lizards on the way. This was one of the most exhausting experiences I have ever endured because of the heat and you can't escape the sun. When you are carrying a backpack with three bottles of water and its plastered to your back because of the sweat, its disgusting. After this canyon, we spent three hours on the Strip. I've been to Vegas before when I was in grade 3 I believe and nothing has changed, except for the fact that I know why there are half naked girls on the streets now. I really wished we had more time to explore the different hotels but unfortunately my friends decided it was more important to eat buffet instead. So we went to Aria, which I believe is a fairly new hotel because it wasn't there last time I went to Vegas. We had a party of 20 people and surprisingly they were able to cram us in pretty quickly. However, the buffet was around 40 USD per person and it was not as good as what I expected. Basically, the guys and I just kept on eating crab legs and it was such a mess that I got it all over the drinks menu. After this, we walked out to the Bellagio where we met up with the rest of the people and watched the fountain show. I was continuously fascinated by the number of sugar daddies with their blonde babes. Its sorta weird to see things like this because I thought movies exaggerated them but in reality, its real. Perhaps one day I will return to Vegas with my sugar daddy gambling the night away. HAHA no never in a million years. 


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