GEOTRIP 2015 | Day 1



Hi y'all! I'm in Las Vegas right now as we speak. In case anyone was wondering, no I am not here to gamble or party or strip. I am actually here for a school geography trip. This is so exciting because I have been told stories of this trip throughout my entire high school career. Its surreal that I am in grade 12 and going on this trip. Today was nothing exciting though, it was a day of flying and waiting. We left school after first block, then took a bus to the Bellingham Airport. In the process of crossing the border, I got my cup noodles confiscated :(. Then we waited at the airport for three hours before our flight but it didn't seem that long because I was playing a card game with two of the sponsor teachers and my friends called "Screw You" or commonly known as "Karma". After our very short flight to Seattle, we then waited another three hours for our flight to Las Vegas. This time, it was pretty sad because I blew $7 on a smoothie. Why is airport food so expensive!!!!!!!!! The view, however, before we landed in Vegas was absolutely stunning, the lights and everything was just so tumblresque. The photos I took were pretty blurry though because I got a new camera for this trip and I haven't figured it out yet. Once we got to the hotel, Best Western, I dropped off all my luggage and walked out with a group of people to IN-N-OUT. Now I must say I was hyped up by so many other people that I thought it would be mind-bogglingly so I was somewhat disappointed that its only good. I mean don't get me wrong, its great for fast food but I thought it would be better. Maybe animal style just isn't my thing? 


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