18th Birthday Festivities


TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! I am officially 18 and that scares me because I am now an adult in some countries. I mean I am legal to star in an adult film not that I would ever even consider doing one. Today was a bittersweet day because who really wants to grow up. When I was younger, I wanted to work at Disneyland because it just seemed so magical and youthful. This day is a rude awakening that time progresses even if people don't, but I digress. For my 18th birthday, it seemed appropriate to do something rebellious, perhaps it was illegal but I'm not too sure. My two close friends, my sister and I drove to a nearby beach and set off smoke bombs and light sparklers. It was something that makes you feel alive. Being on a beach, with friends and laughing the night away is something that everyone should experience and I'm so glad I got to start the 18th year of my life with that. On top of that, on the way home after chilling at the beach, we stopped by a sewage plant. It was such a coincidence because earlier in the week, I learned about how sewage is treated and the excess methane is burned off in geography class and at that time, we saw flames coming out of the building. It was a weird experience because i can never connect with or experience the material i am learning so to be able to relate to the burning methane and go like "oh I know why theres fire coming out of a sewage plant" is really cool and completely boring at the same time. Maybe I was fascinated because it was my birthday and anything could make me happy, maybe it was just cool, I don't know but it was certainly a good night for me.


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