Roadtrip: Oregon



Hellloooo! Welcome to the picturesque Oregon! I went on a roadtrip a few weeks ago down to Oregon as a end of the summer thing. For five days, we shopped, hunted for waterfalls, went sand duning and drove a lot. My family and I ventured off to the historic Old Town in Florence, where I awkwardly posed in front of the killer whale mural. Sand duning was quite fun. Well that was the biggest understatement ever, but the scenery was just incredibly beautiful. The worst and best part was that my sister and brother and I sat in the very front of the car. Therefore, we left with a mouthful of sand. As for Crater Lake and the beautiful waterfalls... what can I say, we were thirsty and the thirst was real. I'm having a nostalgic moment just writing this because I just love with travelling and I've been bitten by the travel bug. Also, there may or may not be a part two coming!


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