GEOTRIP 2015 | Day 7


So here it is, the last official day of Geotrip 2015. These last seven days have been filled with laughter, silliness, tears (from laughing), blood (from my nosebleeds), exhaustion, and friends. Today was a jam packed day. We started off going to Hollywood and spending thirty minutes on the boulevard. I ended up getting scammed along with several of my other classmates. I paid five dollars for a postcard from a shop called Everything for less than $5. Later we went to Malibu Creek, which was beautiful. Several people decided to cliff dive but that was way to adventurous for me so I just sat on the side and got bitten by mosquitoes. On the walk back to the bus we also encountered a rattlesnake and several guys decided to be ridiculously stupid and go super close to it just to get a picture. Then as a whole group, we ate Panda Express that our teacher ordered. Afterwards, we ventured off to Zuma Beach and just took photos with everyone. While I was sun tanning / falling asleep on the beach, some guy in my grade decided to put a gigantic piece of kelp on my face. I was not impressed with that at all. I wanted to get back at him but my teacher told me to be the better person. HAHA. Soon we had to get back to the hotel. Our hotel was extremely close to the Santa Monica Pier, so we ran down Third Street Promenade looking for a gigantic card to fit seventy signatures to give to my teacher. However, we were short of luck because there were literally no craft stores whatsoever. Papyrus and Barnes and Noble only sold expensive af tiny cards, so we ended up getting a notebook from B and N and several postcards. As a result, we spent the next three hours until the last supper in our hotel room getting people to sign it. People began to write really sentimental long stuff in there so we had to time them in order to complete the gift by dinnertime. Even though at one point, every one of my roommates were pissed and frustrated by the people in our room, it was a fun experience. I felt as though everyone had a sense of camaraderie and freedom in terms of this trip. I am forever grateful for this wonderful opportunity to connect with my classmates and fortify my friendship with my existing friends. I have never expected to have this much fun on a school trip and I want to send out massive thanks to my sponsor teachers for making it possible. Hopefully, I can still remember this twenty or more years down the road. 


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